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Be a coach! 

Along with the kids Engineering Notebook and the Team Meeting Guide, There is a power point available to help coaches each meeting


Team management materials


Season materials


Tons of coaching resources


Listed on our webpage


Registering a team (honestly overcomplicated)


Tons of FIRST, season, coaching resources

The CyberHawks are striving to expand STEM in Northern Minnesota. As part of that effort they invest their time in helping schools, individuals, and the community learn and participate in the FIRST FLL Explorer program.

The Cyberhawks give seminars explaining how FIRST LEGO LEAGUE EXPLORER works. They walk you through an entire season, answer any questions, help get teams set up. They also offer low cost Robotics kit rental to help you get started!

At the end of your season the CyberHawks also host a Festival where the FLL Explorer teams get to show off all of their hard work! The festival is currently being planed for early March at the DECC during a large robotics tournament!

On this page you will find some basic information about FIRST and the FLL Explorer program. If you have any questions or interest or an opportunity for the team please email the team at

The 2022/2023 Season!


CyberHawks Presentation slideshow

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