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ABOUT The CyberHawks

We the CyberHawks are a FIRST Tech Challenge team. This is our Fifth year participating in FTC. We have 2 team members, 2 coaches, and are looking to expand. The CyberHawks participated in FLL for 2 years before wanting to learn more. We are a home/community team ran out of a garage in Hermantown, Minnesota.

Team Members and Coaches

Team Member

Jack Jaros

Hi, I’m Jack Jaros and I am a freshman at Hermantown High School. I joined FTC so I could continue expanding my knowledge through the F.I.R.S.T. program and have fun. I really enjoy hunting, fishing, and four-wheeling. This is my fifth year in robotics. I have been in F.I.R.S.T. Lego League for 2 years and this is my third year in FIRST Tech Challenge. I love the challenge of making a robot solve challenges. I love trying to figure out how to build a robot to solve a problem and figure out how to solve problems. I love all aspects of FTC.

Jillian Jaros

Team Member

My name is Jillian and I’ve been in FIRST for two years.  I am a Senior at Hermantown High School.  I like being on the in with outreach and working on updating and social media. I also enjoy learning new things about CAD and programming. In my free time, I spend time with my friends and work to improve my musical skills.  I’m looking forward to my last year in FIRST.

Jennifer Jaros


Hello, I am Jen Jaros and this is my 2nd-year co-coaching the CyberHawks. I work for the Duluth Public Schools in ECFE and I am a parent of both Jillian and Jack. I love helping out in any way I can. I

Joel Jaros


My name is Joel Jaros and work for ArrowHead Panels and Controls. I am the head coach of the CyberHawks and am the parent of Jillian and Jack. I created the company ArrowHead Panels and controls in 2014. I am an electrical engineer for ArrowHead Panels and controls. This will be my fifth year coaching for the CyberHawks (2 years in FLL and 3 in FTC).

Contact Us/ Social Media
Facebook: cyberhawks 14188
Instagram: cyberhawks14188
Twitter: CyberHawks14188
YouTube: FTC CyberHawks 14188
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