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Hello! We are the CyberHawks team #14188 from Hermantown, MN and we participate in FIRST Tech Challenge*.


Our mission is to spread STEM and FIRST throughout Northern Minnesota. Some ways we achieve this are: mentoring FIRST LEGO® League teams, demonstrating at various events, and renting out FIRST LEGO® League Jr. kits.

Last FTC season was called Freight Frenzy, during this season we ranked 7th overall robot at the Worlds Championship. We placed 1st in Robot Game at our State Competetion as well as 3rd place INSPIRE.

*FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) is a program for teams of up to 15 members of 7-12 graders. FTC participants are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots in a head-to-head challenge, but we do more than build robots! FTC is more than just robots! Here is a link to the FIRST web page 

High Tech Kids is FIRST's MN affiliate partner which means that High Tech Kids runs all of the MN tournaments for 3 different FIRST programs (FIRST LEGO® League Jr., FIRST LEGO® League, and FIRST Tech Challenge). We have helped and participated in several of High Tech Kids events. The CyberHawks would like to thank High Tech Kids for all that they do to help give thousands of kids this amazing opportunity to participate in these programs and events.

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